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Thermal Dry Lining, Thermal Insulation Boards, Dry Lining Insulation Contractors.

Thermal dry lining is a process of creating a new wall lining with either metal stud or timber stud. The cavity is then insulated with thermal insulation, and then boarded over with a thermal plasterboard. Thermal plasterboard is a special board that contains the insulation fibres for extra density.

Once your new wall has been constructed we then can either skim or joint tape over the meeting boards joints to give the new wall a finished look.

Thermal dry lining, or thermal insulation, is used to reduce the rate of heat movements, or generally stops heat from escaping from previously paper thin walls.

The new wall, which contains the new thermal insulation, will then act as a barrier to stop heat from escaping.

Thermal Insulation Materials:

Thermal Insulated Boards
Wall Thermal Insulation
Metal Stud Partitioning
Fixes & Fittings
Joint Filler & Cement
Sanding & Finishing Equipment

We could also dot-dab thermal plasterboard to existing brick walls and even double board it depending on your requirements. Thermal plasterboard installation will reduce your heat movement within your premises.

The advantages of having dry lining services applied to your premises is the reduced amount of time that it takes to complete the process, this reduces labour costs with the added benefit of heat reduction costs to go with it. Thermal dry lining installation also has a life-span going into many decades.


Thermal Dry Lining Wigan - Dry Lining North West contractors can work the Wigan area with the installation of thermal insulation.

Thermal Dry Lining UK - Reducing the movement of heat by creating a barrier of thermal insulation walls with a layer of thermal insulation within the central cavity.

Thermal Dry Lining Contractors - Call today for a quick quote with regards to your thermal dry lining requirements.


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